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Here at Gold Star Junk Removal, we pride ourselves on being as upfront and transparent as possible, especially when it comes to our pricing!

We base our prices off how much space your junk takes up in our trailer. Prices start at $75 for a minimum load and we charge by the 1/4 load after that.


Some items carry a special service fee. Due to the extra dump cost at the landfill and extra labor needed to move such items. For example, appliances and furniture. Those items have a set fee charged per item.

Main factors into our pricing are time, size, distance and labor.  We do our best to provide a fair and firm estimate!

We do have seasonal sales and discounts such as senior and veteran discounts! Be sure to ask if there are any current promotions running at the time of your call!

Call us today to set up and appointment for a free estimate!

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